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OUTES at MCE 2024 in Milan

March 19, 2024    Share:

At 9:00 AM on March 12th, 2024, at the Milan International Exhibition Center, the 4-day Milan International Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Exhibition (referred to as "Milan Exhibition") was grandly held. Zhongguang OUTES with its heat pump and full range of overseas products, was invited to attend and meticulously crafted its booth (HALL 1 E09 G04), stunning the audience as it opened, showcasing to the world the professional heat pump solutions and comprehensive strength of China's leading heat pump industry.

OUTES at MCE 2024 in Milan

Large Golden Center Booth Showcasing Heat Pump Leadership

Established in 1960, the Milan MCE exhibition is held every two years. With over 60 years of development, it is recognized as one of the world's top three HVAC exhibitions alongside Germany's Frankfurt ISH and France's Paris HVAC & Refrigeration exhibitions.

OUTES' presence at Milan this time, within the 1.4 million square meters exhibition hall, alongside over 2,000 top international HVAC and refrigeration enterprises such as NIBE, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Clivet, is expected to attract over 100,000 professional visitors during the exhibition period. OUTES’ booth number for this event is HALL 1 E09 G04, covering an area of 306 square meters, occupying a "central position, golden seat" in the exhibition hall, with a large flow of people and good brand dissemination effects.

The use of a large booth this time is aimed at comprehensively displaying the rich heat pump product matrix of Zhongguang OUTES to the outside world, showcasing professional heat pump solutions, and also reflects the importance Zhongguang OUTES places on expanding into the international market, demonstrating the determination and confidence of the group in accelerating its global layout.

OUTES at MCE 2024 in Milan

Showcasing Cutting-edge Heat Pump Technology, Drawing Admirers from Around the World

"At the OUTES booth, the most common phrase heard was 'Amazing!' "OUTES showcased integrated solutions combining photovoltaics, inverters, energy storage products, and heat pumps, as well as a full range of VRF products and European heat pump triple supply series products. The transparent display of illuminated prototypes at the exhibition attracted numerous exhibitors, distributors, and installers to visit. Many partners have expressed that OUTES display at the Milan Exhibition is no less than that of local well-known brands, giving them more confidence in developing local and surrounding markets. Liu Liping, Senior Manager of Zhongguang Electric Group's Overseas Marketing Center, introduced, "On the first day of the exhibition, nearly 500 people visited the Zhongguang booth. Many customers came to see and then introduced colleagues to come and see again. It's not an exaggeration to say that some came to visit OUTES three or four times over.' Currently, we have reached cooperation intentions with over a hundred customers from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and several Eastern European markets."

OUTES at MCE 2024 in Milan

"Could we exchange contact information? I'd like to establish a partnership with you; your heat pump products are excellent!" a customer from Milan said. They had long heard that Chinese heat pump technology ranks among the world's best, and seeing so many advanced heat pump products at the exhibition truly broadened their horizons.

Furthermore, overseas counterparts openly expressed, "Seeing OUTES enter the overseas market on such a large scale with a product line comparable to global brands is impressive!"

Paving the Way for Long-term Development in the Global Heat Pump Industry

"Globalizing the heat pump layout is a top priority for the future development of OUTES. In 2023, we took the OUTES heat pump overseas through exhibitions such as Frankfurt ISH and the Canton Fair, set up a headquarter in Germany, and branches in Italy and Hungary, establishing a high-quality brand image," said Liu Liping. "This year, OUTES will further accelerate its overseas expansion process. In addition to laying out in Italy, we will also open up overseas markets in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, and Central Europe, establishing integrated service centers for sales, training, display, warehousing, etc., achieving full coverage of the European service network."

OUTES at MCE 2024 in Milan

Italy is China's fifth largest trading partner in the European Union, and China is Italy's largest trading partner in Asia. This is one of the reasons why Zhongguang OUTES has chosen Milan, the fashion capital, as the starting point for its overseas campaign this year. Using Milan as a hub, Zhongguang OUTES will comprehensively accelerate the implementation of its heat pump global strategy.

Currently, Zhongguang’s exported products are distributed in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, forming its own world-class fan base. The overseas team of Zhongguang OUTES will continue to launch even better heat pump products based on local market and international customer needs, continuously bringing surprises to users.

 OUTES at MCE 2024 in Milan