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OUTES Ignites Changchun Heating Exhibition, Leading the New Trend of Green Heating in Northeast China

March 27, 2024    Share:

From March 23rd to 25th, the 25th Northeast (Changchun) Heating and Clean Energy Heating Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Changchun Heating Exhibition") was successfully held at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center for three days.


OUTES heat pump air conditioning

On this splendid stage showcasing the forefront of heating industry technology and innovative concepts, OUTES  (Booth A19, Hall 9) kicked off a dazzling show with its household and commercial heat pump air conditioning, heat pump heating, heat pump hot water, fresh air, water purification, intelligent heat pump, and ecological products, as well as system solutions, under the theme "The World Looks at China for Heat Pumps, China Looks at OUTES," igniting the entire venue with its magnificent technological strength and steadfast brand confidence.


Heat pump air conditioning products made a powerful appearance at the OUTES Changchun Exhibition


The product strength resonating with the times is OUTES "killer feature" that strikes a chord with the audience. The OUTES heat pump air conditioning category, which embodies OUTES independent research and development in cutting-edge technologies such as strong heat at low temperatures, dual strength and high efficiency in cooling and heating, and ENS energy-saving system, attracted many channel visitors for consultation and negotiation.


OUTES heat pump air conditioning

To verify product performance, in January this year, OUTES set out from Lishui, Zhejiang, and conducted on-site tests all the way north. In the harsh winter of Shenyang, Liaoning, the OUTES heat pump air conditioning test vehicle collected detailed data such as power, electricity consumption, and heating temperature at different time periods, effectively proving the stable operation capability of OUTES heat pump air conditioning in extremely cold areas and highlighting its remarkable features of high efficiency and energy saving.


OUTES heat pump air conditioning

In Mohe, where the lowest historical temperature reached -53°C, OUTES's ground heating heat pump air conditioning twin star Pro series successfully underwent nearly three months of extreme cold field challenges and achieved a temperature difference of within 60°C within one hour during the actual test, earning unanimous praise for its outstanding heating effect and stability.


The outstanding performance provides strong evidence for the heating capabilities of OUTES heat pump air conditioning in extremely cold regions. The heat pump air conditioning series products with high exploratory and technological innovation depth, coupled with efficient, green, and low-carbon heat pump + comprehensive solutions, are highly favored by on-site channel visitors.


Exceptional performance earns praise, and the brand's momentum soars again


At the OUTES booth in Hall 9 of the Changchun Heating Exhibition, occupying a superior location, the conspicuous and vibrant orange color as the main tone of the booth, shining like the rising sun, full of vitality, attracted a high influx of popularity. The OUTES business team warmly received visitors, patiently explained the excellent performance of the products, unique technological advantages, broad market prospects, and patiently answered various questions from customers, conveying the brand's exclusive warmth of "home."


At the exhibition site, many discerning individuals were attracted by the strong product efficiency, brand appeal of OUTES, and its leading position as the "global leader in heat pump air conditioning." Among them, relevant professionals and students from Northeast Electric Power University in Jilin Province "grouped" to visit the OUTES booth for learning and used OUTES products as typical examples to explain industry innovation technology products and applications.


OUTES heat pump air conditioning

Choose high standards and aim far ahead. The Changchun Heating Exhibition not only showcased OUTES's high-tech products but also solidified its demonstration effect in the domestic and international HVAC markets. With the help of the Changchun Heating Exhibition, OUTES will continue to explore the infinite potential of heat pump + in the bitterly cold Northeast, use innovative products as the engine, and lead the new era of green heating and cooling in the Northeast.

OUTES heat pump air conditioning